"When Carla first started work on my website, I had no idea what to expect – wasn’t even sure I wanted a website. Two weeks into it, I was astounded and thrilled with her artistry on my behalf and that of my late spouse, Thea Spyer.

The beauty of her design, her intelligence and choice of content and structure, and above all, her ability to tell our four decade love affair and bring it into the now and future of our stories. It is an ongoing project and for me a delight every day." – Edie Windsor, Civil Rights Activist & Friend

"We continue to be delighted with Carla's work with every revamp of our website. Her energy and enthusiasm for projects make her consistently a real pleasure to work with." - Hunt Slonem, Artist


"Carla Grande designed my photography website and one which we created for my latest photography book, called Chewed. Throughout the process she was consistently innovative, thoughtful, and monumentally patient with my ever-changing concepts and creative practice. She always met deadlines and would drop everything to discuss the website(s). I have just asked Carla to design another website for a foundation on whose board I sit and have no doubt it will be a wonderful experience and a marvelous site.” - Arne Svenson, Artist


"Carla handled my website from concept to implementation. Her professionalism and detail oriented expertise gave me exactly what I wanted. She was never at a loss of options and delivered every time. I am really happy with my website.” - Carlos Alomar, Musician


"I am so glad Carla completely redesigned my website. She is a talented web designer, but I am most impressed with her professionalism and efficiency.

Her attention to detail is exceptional and she took the project from start to finish with complete devotion. I cannot be happier with the experience and the result." - Jarvis Wong, Architect/Interior Designer


“Having Carla as my agent has been a successful and lucrative collaboration over the years. She has supported me on many levels, including developing my websites and making herself available for critique and suggestion when it came to my personal projects. She has been a wonderful asset to my company. Attentive and diligent, Carla knows how to get things done. A real professional.” - David Pfendler, Illustrator


“Carla is very creative and has fresh design ideas. Her work is professional and she has very high standards. Carla is easy to work with and always open to changes and suggestions.” - Greta Olafsdottir, Bless Bless Films


"Carla I wanted to thank you for all your amazing work on our website. Despite the craziness and changes and delays in providing information, your calmness and gentle prodding created a nurturing creative environment and we DID IT! You met our 'go live' date with ease and professionalism, and did I mention gentle prodding? We continue to receive accolades from colleagues and fellow organizations. You have created a green non-profit site unlike any other in the green space! THANK YOU!!! - Steven McClure, Executive Director, Urban Greenwalk

Robin"I have known Carla for over 30 years, she has always been consistent and faithful as a friend and sister. Although we don't share blood we share something else, we share heart and soul. Working with Carla on my website was a joy, especially since I didn't have a clue about building a website. She was so patient with me knowing I was a novice, at the same time professional and firm about getting the job done. Her artistry, expertise and willingness to put her heart and soul into my project was exemplary and of great value."- Robin Clark, Singer


"I first saw Carla Grande’s website design at a Doris Duke Impact Award meeting where one of her clients, Basil Twist, was showing us how he had Carla create his website after receiving his Doris Duke Artist Award. I was so impressed and looked her up right away. From the first contact, which was immediate, she was ready to help me. She is like a fireball, knowing exactly what you want and able to project that outward into the design of your site.

Her intuition and her experience work together, and the trust that I have for her work is a peace of mind of me so that I can better concentrate on my music and know that I am in safe hands.

It is exciting and relieving to work with such an artist who is warm and understanding, but at the same time is strong and ready to back me up on any issues I may be timid about confronting with tech folks or whomever. I look forward to continuing to work with her as I evolve as an artist." - Jen Shyu, composer, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, dancer


"Carla worked seamlessly with me to create a fantastic website. She completely respected my ideas and brought unique ideas and designs that feel true to me. For example she pushed me to use more purple instead of the black I was used to... and she was so right!

She has a rigorous sense of the users experience, and people comment to me all the time how well laid out my site is, as well as how beautiful it is. Carla is an absolute delight to continue to work with as we keep my site up to date. I cannot recommend Carla highly enough." - Basil Twist, Puppeteer

MichaelJorgensenTo anyone out there looking for someone to design and manage your website - look no further. I could say no more but I will.

When it came time to create a website for my photography work I realized it would be important to find the right designer to create and maintain my site. I spent time looking at others websites and researching a variety of designers. When I reviewed the sites Carla designed, I realized she didn’t suffer from designing sites in her “look.” She designed sites that showed off the work and personality of the artist or company.

So I called Carla and set up a time to meet - - Right from the very first minute when she asked what my favorite font was. She then showed me her font test, which was done before we had any discussions and it was the same font and weight. I knew then we were off to a great start - - and it only got better.

Carla listened to me / asked me questions / got to understand what mattered to me and then she went to work. She worked fast and she worked smart / she had the courage to direct me into the best design solutions. She guided me to make great choices. Carla taught me what a responsive site was and created a great one. I could not be happier or more proud of the site Carla designed for me. – Michael Jorgensen, Creative Director, Photographer

Batshaw1"The experience of Carla Grande design of my professional website was nothing short of exceptional! I am a professional psychotherapist and it was very important to me that the design of my site reflected my practice.

Carla was incredibly generous with her time as we figured out together what the visual messages needed to communicate in parallel to the actual content of the website. Carla searched for all the images on the site and hit them right on the spot immediately.

Her design concepts were sharp, direct, and beautifully conceived. This allowed us to get to work immediately on refining the site. Carla’s responsiveness to my requests and emails were almost instantaneous. This made me feel very relaxed, knowing I was always in good hands and that whatever changes needed to be implemented would be, immediately!

Once the site was completed the feedback was universal, people were absolutely stunned by the beauty and professionalism of the site. Most important to me, Carla’s ability to understand and implement my vision with empathy and artistic and intellectual rigor was extraordinary. I recommend Carla to anyone and everyone who is looking to put out a unique, artistic, and professional site." - Michael Batshaw, Psychotherapist

“Carla Grande is the prefect partner to create websites with. She really understands the needs of creative people, being one herself. She also gets the Marketing and Communication side of building a website because she has so much experience representing creative work. Carla comes to the table with suggestions that work, both functionally and aesthetically. And she is amazingly fast. After a brief discussion, the work is presented back with very little need for editing. I look forward to continuing to work with Carla as my website grows." - Philip Monaghan, Artist

KTHAfter I had been in business for a decade and the quality of my work had exceeded the design of my website, my long-time web designer and I set about to create a website platform that would showcase the work I had created. Alas, my then-website designer and I were no longer on the same page, graphically, stylistically, or functionally when it came to a redesigned site.

As I bemoaned the unproductive design hours, a colleague of mine said, "Oh just call Carla." A few short emails were exchanged, and shortly thereafter I heard her reassuring lilt and her inimitable giggle on the other end of the phone. I started to tell her what I was looking to do with my site and my branding, and she quickly said, "Oh, honey, I've already looked at your existing site. Just send me the files. I know exactly what you want. And I'll make sure you love everything."

And then Carla taught me a new vocabulary word: "responsive." I certainly didn't know what relevance the Web-World placed on this word. Yet I knew all I needed to: Carla knew what she was talking about, I was out of my league, and I needed to step back and let her do what she does so well: design my website.

Granted, that process was one GIANT leap of faith for me, a designer myself, to make, but Carla made that leap easy: She was able to merge logos and text with images to give the online branding vision that I had imagined; she expedited the design process in order to get my site, which had been off-line, up and running; she adhered to our agreed-upon budget; she cleared up cyber-space clutter that I didn't even know existed; she made my site more readily available to search engines; and, most important, she crossed every t and dotted every i to make sure I did indeed "love" it.

Since the site went live, I have only received high praise, such as, "It so looks like you!" As a designer, I know I have succeeded at a project when the end result reflects the clients' aesthetic, not my own. Carla treated me to the same level of design to which I hold myself responsible, and what a relief it was to be that client with that fabulous product to show!

If you're thinking of hiring Carla, I'd highly suggest you stop thinking. Just pick up the phone. She'll be on your page, metaphorically and realistically, faster than you can meet her there. - Kyle Timothy Blood, Kyle Timothy Home, LLC

LeonTalbotI had the pleasure of working with Carla Grande on a dream of mine recently. With Carla’s patience, expertise, willingness to go above and beyond the norm, unparalleled coding skills, and experience in my particular field, she created a web site that I have received nothing short of accolades on from friends, colleagues and potential clients. I look forward to partnering with Carla on my quest to build my brand and evolve the website. - Lee Talbot

untitled2motocopy1"Carla has not only been the most reliable person I have ever worked with on a website, but she has also always managed to add a certain last touch to whatever designs I gave her to create. She is a technician and artist at the same time who will always deliver what has been asked of her and more. I would not hesitate to recommend her work to anyone in the world if I wasn't too afraid that she wouldn't have enough time to work with me." - Heike Beulau, Artist/Designer

"Carla was able to conceptualize a web environment for my luxury jewelry line that truly showcases it to its best advantage. I couldn't be more pleased with the result. The site is elegant and sophisticated and turned out beyond my wildest dreams. She worked in a more than timely fashion. She was detail-oriented, self-directed, collaborative and fast to respond to any of my questions or concerns. I couldn't be more pleased with my investment.” - Cindi Cericola, Jewelry designer

dontfuckwithme1"Carla is creative, caring and very very precise in how she approaches doing a website… I knew I was in superb and professional hands. And I can’t thank her enough for such a beautiful and functional website…." - Rory Gevis, Artist